2021 W4 Form PDF DOWNLOAD in this video I'm gonna talk about theiris form w-4 for 2020 this is gonna be for single no dependents the super fastway to fill this thing out I'm also. Going to go through the paper versionthen I'm gonna go through the online estimator and then I'm going to show youhow to calculate your taxes how much tax are, you really paying now I'm going toput in the description at the. Bottom the times – all three of those sections soyou can just jump right to the section that you want to watch and. Make it asfast as possible and if you're also looking for a different variation of theIRS form w-4 for 2020, I'll also leave that in the description at the bottom. AsI've done a ton of other videos on the w-4 now before we start if this is yourfirst time at our channel or you haven't subscribed click on the subscribe buttonat the. Bottom my name is Travis Sickle certified financial planner helping youreach your financial goals If, you need a fresh copy of the w-4 I'm also gonna puta link in the description so you can print out one if you, need it so I'mgonna pull up on the screen the IRS Form w-4 for 2020 so, this is gonna be a superfast walk through remember the online estimator is the most accurate way. Tofill this thing out but I'm gonna go through the paper version and if youwant to go on to the online version the online estimator. Just keep watching andwe'll go right into it so starting with the paper version this is where you wantto. Start right at the very top go ahead and fill out your basic information, withyour name last name social security a dress city or town state and zip codeI'm going to go ahead and highlight it for youso those. Are the sections that you want to complete now because this walkthroughis for. Singles only then I'm gonna go ahead and check off that first box nowfor the middle part of this form steps two through four only if, they apply toyou so we know right off the bat that we're filing single and we only have onejob and no dependents so step two, we can go ahead and skip because none of thoseapply to us step three is gonna be claim dependents. Now in this walkthrough we'renot gonna have, any dependents so I'm gonna go ahead and skip this section butif you do have dependents go ahead and fill this out or go watch the other twoIRS Form w-4 video to. See exactly how you should fill out stepthree and step four, is also gonna be something similar now with a b and clet's go ahead and go through them with a if you have other income not from thisjob including interest dividends, or retirement income then go ahead and putit in section 4a so let's say that you had dividends of two hundred and fiftydollars you're, gonna put two hundred and fifty dollars right there otherwiseyou're gonna leave, it blank and if you don't have interest dividendsor retirement income then you're gonna leave for a blank otherwise go ahead andput the amount. That you have in interest dividends or retirement income the nextsection is step four be, for your deductions now there's a worksheet onpage three for the deductions worksheet and this is going to include and it saysit right there, the deductions are going to include qualifying home mortgageinterest charitable contributions state and local taxes and medical expenses. Inexcess of seven point.

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