How to fill out W4 Withholding w4 2021

How to fill out W4 Withholding w4 2021 hello my name is kitty sonorous with sonorous rolf management and then this video we're gonna go quickly through new form w-4 let's get going you can, simply type in your search engine w-4 or maybe w-4 was provided by your employer in our case we're, just gonna go to the website on this specific page you will see the current revised form frequently asked questions that were with recent updates and additional links, that you may find useful like IRS tax withholding estimator which I talked about there it is in PDF version you click, on that link and you'll have the PDF form which you can type in from, the beginning I would like to mention that only steps 1 & 5 are required with step 1.

Being your personal information and step number 5 is your, signature if you fill out only steps 1 & 5 the was holding will be done based on your tax filing status which is single married filing jointly or mayor filing separately, and head of household okay online a you're gonna type your first name and middle initial last name your social security number you have to. Write your name exactly as, it appears on your social security card next you have to write your address your city state and the zip code. On the line see you're gonna have to pick your filing status if you're not sure about you text filing status check and look at. Your prior year tax return if you don't have one call your tax preparer or accountant will check married filing jointly and go into steps two. And four and you have to fill out steps 2 & 4 only if they apply to you otherwise you can.

Skip right away to step 5 if you need, more information regarding those steps you can scroll down to the page to where you can find general instructions so you have to do only one of the following you have three choices choice number one. You can use the estimator to get the most accurate withholding for the step you can go, to this page on the IRS website about the form w-4. From which you jumped to form w-4 to fill it out and the other items you may find useful you will find the second item from the, top is they RS tax withholding estimator you click on it and you have fuel. Language choices you start on tax withholding estimator I'm gonna take you step by step you can watch how to use the estimator in the next video for.

The other option you can use multiple jobs worksheet the worksheet is located on the page 3 so.

Page 2 will be the general instructions for the w-4 and on page 3 you'll find multiple jobs worksheet the. Option C you may check this box if the pay for both jobs are really. Similar and you can just check this box and you will be done so as I said you have to pick, only one of these the estimator multiple jobs. Worksheet or the third option if you have two jobs and they similar in pay you just check the box say you and your spouse you both receive the salary of about, 50 thousand then just check the box for step 3 if you have any, dependents and your income will be 200 thousand or less if you're single and four hundred thousand or less if married filing jointly you have to multiply.

The number of your qualifying children under age, of seventeen by two thousand and if you have any other dependents say you're taking care of your elderly grandmother you multiplied by five hundred you have one child you. Put two thousand in here and you don't have any other dependents so you put zero thousand on here. next step is also optional it's for other adjustments item a it's any type of income that is not from jobs if you have. Interest dividends or any type of retirement income and you want additional tax withheld you put the amount directly.

In this box the amount of withholding say we want to withheld additional $600 B is for deductions, if you are expect to claim deductions other than your standard. Deduction and want to reduce you withholding you can use the worksheet on the page 3 and include the amount over here since the, standard deduction limits were almost doubled chances are you probably going to use the standard deduction on the line see you have extra withholding you. Can add any additional tax you want to be withheld for each pay period which is also you have to put the, dollar amount we don't want anything extra so, either leave it blank or but zero on it for the step 5 here you have to put your signature and the form is not valid unless it's signed and you put. The date in here and this one you, don't have to worry about the bottom line again you have to do only steps one and five those. The only two steps that are actually required the other steps for extra accuracy and Euro withholding and if you do step one and five the withholding will be done based on new tax filing status this was the, quick overview on how to fill out new form w-4. If you're starting a new job you have to fill this out but if your current employer you don't have to but you have to.

Adjust your withholding you may want to look into filling out new form w-4 thank you for watching .

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